8 Bookkeeping Tips to Simplify Small Business Financials Bench Accounting


bookkeeping tips for small businesses

These programs usually offer mobile apps as well, making it easy to record expenses on the go. Many of these tools also offer security features like two-factor authentication to safeguard your data. You will also want to make sure to establish and maintain effective financial management practices, including accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, cash flow management and tax compliance.

Bookkeepers, as well as accountants, can be on staff full-time, part-time, or hired freelance as independent contractors. Also, there are many online platforms that offer bookkeeping and accounting services that business owners can outsource. Primarily, accountants handle long-term financial matters, like filing a business’s taxes, helping a business acquire loans, and devising long-term business plans.

Get to Grips With Tax Rules

Investing in a professional tax accountant can bring immense value to your business, with a time commitment of a few hours per week or month. Be sure to consider any changes that may not show up on your prior financial statements. For instance, if you hire new office employees, your payroll expense will probably increase. The business shouldn’t directly pay any expenses of your personal vehicle, even for fuel that will be used entirely for business. You should use the 65.5 cents per mile received from the company to pay for your fuel and maintenance and make mileage expenses tax deductible in your tax filing. If you put off bookkeeping too long, you end up with bounced checks, overdue invoices, or figures that don’t add up.

bookkeeping tips for small businesses

Go through the numbers as if you were being audited and do this periodically with a fine-toothed comb. Also known as net profit, net income is the total revenue earned by your company minus total expenses. The sum of money that your company expects to receive over a period. A comprehensive report that showcases records of the company’s assets, its liabilities, and the equity of the company as held by every shareholder.

Keep business and personal banking separate

Few things are quite as motivating as a weekly income statement. When you’re updating your numbers every week, you can pull reliable financial documents at any time. Straightforward accounting software allows you to view your income statement and balance sheet at the click of a button.

bookkeeping tips for small businesses

Without a budget, many business owners don’t recognize a problem until they have a cash flow bookkeeping tips crisis. Are you one of those small business owners who just love poring over spreadsheets?

Separate business and personal finances.

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bookkeeping tips for small businesses

Go over your books weekly to make sure everything is ship-shape. It really is better to have a professional accountant who can handle these duties and who will probably know more about lowering your tax burden than you would as a business owner. As a small business owner, some of your business-related monies tend to get mixed in with your personal funds. The last thing you want to do is sit down and go through each and every shopping list or personal transaction to find specific business expenses. And when you get into sound accounting and bookkeeping habits, you can even start to use them as a springboard to grow your small business. When you get a good grasp of basic accounting and bookkeeping, you get a better understanding of your small business’s strengths and weaknesses. If the IRS finds that you don’t have all receipts necessary for your business (from $75 and more), you can get penalized.

What accounting is needed for a small business?

Taxes are inevitable for any business that is raking in profits. Your small business bookkeeping strategy should include a separate allocation of funds for paying taxes. For example, tools like Intuit’s Quickbooks automate your bookkeeping and represent data through engaging graphs. Most financial tasks are carried out over digital channels and involve some accounting tools. Understanding basic accounting terminology helps you get acquainted with the process of small business bookkeeping. Can be dangerous for the financial health and well-being of your business. In certain aspects of business, like accounting, it pays to outsource the functions and processes to a certified expert.